Stylish Living At The Gramercy Residences In Makati

Inspired by New York city, The Gramercy Residences will be the first residential tower to rise at the prestigious Century City in Makati. Makati is the consummate urban capital of the Philippines with one million people converging in the city every single day. It is the hub and the pulsating heart of the country and one of the cities that make up Manila.

Makati boasts top class shopping center, hotels, schools, churches and the most exclusive high rise villages and exclusive residential living in the country.

Gramercy Residences Concept and Inspiration

The inspiration behind The Gramercy Residences was taken from the city of New York and Manhattan’s exclusive Gramercy Park. The idea is to create a space of Zen like peace, a sanctuary within the city. Gramercy Residences will provide owners with a sense of tranquility and relaxation while they can reflect on the day before they hit the social scene at night.

Location of The Gramercy Residences

The Gramercy Residences will be built in the middle of Makati’s Century City. The vision behind this massive city within a city development is to provide residents with a place to live, shop, work, feast, learn and stay.

Basically a one stop shop to provide for your every needs while using the most luxurious building materials and lovely landscaped areas.

The Residences

The Residences will provide a new paradigm in urban living. Owners can enjoy fully fitted, fully furnished apartments while the bespoke interior will take luxurious living to a new level. Homes can be totally personalized through the various design options.

One of the most impressive features ever to be seen amongst residential development is the stunning Skypark. It will showcase waterfalls, a designer restaurant, infinity pools, a health club and much more. The most spectacular fact about this Skypark is the fact that it will stand 36 storeys tall (above ground) and traverse the whole width of the Gramercy building.

Gramercy Design Options

Residents of the Gramercy get a total of 6 design options to create the perfect living environment for themselves. You can also see a floor plan and layout structure of Gramercy Residences.

  1. LUSH: Enjoy the comforts of living in an inviting contemporary style.
  2. AZULI: An interplay of arresting blue, pristine white and butter yellow adorn this lively pad, topped off with complementary oriental accent pieces.
  3. SLEEK: Neutral shades combined with dazzling silver, reflective light fixtures and funky artwork make this pad truly stylish and unique.
  4. SAVANNAH: Subdued contemporary design merges with bold animal prints and rich dark leather to create the perfect pad for the adventurous frequent traveler.
  5. ARISTO: This elegant living space combines modern design with contrasting neutrals and tones, and touches of old world furniture.
  6. BARLEY: Black and gold merge to create a strong sense of character in this design, given a further edge by retro-classic furniture, carved mirrors and high-gloss finishes.

SAVANNAH: Subdued contemporary design merges with bold animal prints & rich dark leather

SLEEK: Neutral shades combined with dazzling silver, reflective light fixtures & funky artwork.

LUSH: Enjoy the comforts of living in an inviting contemporary style.

BARLEY: Black and gold merge to create a strong sense of character in this design.

ARISTO: Combines modern design with contrasting neutrals & tones, and touches of old world furniture.

You don’t have to worry about fitting out your apartment. You don’t need to spend time to go shopping and choose the right furniture, air conditioning or entertainment center.

All you need to do is choose which of the six design options is best suited to your style and once the building is ready to be delivered move in. You can enjoy your lifestyle from the first day onwards.

Gramercy Amenities

There will be no shortage of amenities in the Gramercy. It is the only 24/365 hyper-amenitized luxury high-rise in the Philippines and will boast features and luxuries never before attempted anywhere else in the world. Besides the previously mentioned Skypark there will be cascading waterfalls, three distinct gyms, cafes and restaurants, yoga and pilates room, spa and massage center, day care center, library, resident’s lounge, theater,conference room, Internet, beauty salon, emergency clinic, meditation garden and so much more.

Unit Options and Plans

The design of each unit of The Gramercy Residences is ruled by form and function. Every space will be maximized and every piece of furniture will exude timeless sophistication.

Investors can choose between Flat or Single Level Unit Plans with:

  • Studio Single Level Units
  • 1 Bedroom Single Level Units
  • 2 Bedroom Single Level Units
  • 3 Bedroom Single Level Units or

Loft Unit Plans:

  • 1 Bedroom Loft Units
  • 2 Bedroom Loft Units
  • 3 Bedroom Loft Units

Prices & Payment Terms

Here are some details on pricing and payment terms for the Gramercy residences:

Flat Configurations:

1 Bedroom Single Level Units 34.41 – 42.28 SQ. M – from US$99,256
2 Bedroom Single Level Units 66.76 SQ. M from US$143,618
3 Bedroom Single Level Units 153.65 SQ. M from US$325,000

Loft Configurations:

1 Bedroom Typical Loft 58.20 SQ. M – from US$133,872
2 Bedroom Typical Loft 88.90 – 107.98 SQ. M – from US$271,627
3 Bedroom Typical Loft 149.48 SQ. M – from US$471,437

Payment Terms & Schedule:

  • 15% down payment payable in 6 months.
  • 60% monthly amortization payable in 54 months.
  • 25% paid upon turnover

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